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Player to Player Trading

With the game currently only having a marketplace to post items up for sale I feel is a massively crippling aspect in Armies or smaller teams. Especially with loot being FFA and some people grabbing items on accident then having almost no way to give that item to a friend or teammate is incredibly frustrating. Especially trading crafting materials or crystite not on a personal basis is a crippling aspect of Firefall teamplay.

Basically please add in a player to player trading system preferably integrated into the social wheel.

An easily accessible marketplace is all well and good but not being able to simple drop and item to a friend is a big problem. If i'm hell bent on giving my friend and item I need to post it onto the marketplace with a low enough crystite price he can afford and then hope and pray that someone doesn't snipe the item before he has a chance to grab it. The fact that you guys decided a marketplace was a more important option than personal trading is incredibly confusing to me. Having the personal trading in before the marketplace seems only logical since if someone wanted to sell something globally they could just type /zone Selling 20k Silicate 10 crystite per unti PST. and they would easily be able to meet and trade with other players. Which would then give you guys weeks to work on getting the marketplace set up. I simply just find the lack of personal trading confusing . I'm a founder and I intend on playing this game for as long as I can since I'm absolutely in love with the gameplay and different class mechanics and how you guys have managed to make farming actually a fun experience. But it still drives me bonkers when I go to help my friend gather a type of DNA and I accidentally grab the last DNA he needs on accident, then I have to spend another 15 mins farming to get it to drop when I could simply just open a window and drop it into his inventory and go back to defending watchtowers and smashing people in PVP.

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Anonymous shared a merged idea: you allways need real money to get the good stuff why not trade with other players for the good stuff  ·   · 
CsharpCsharp shared a merged idea: There should be a direct player exchange capability.  ·   · 
MataseteMatasete shared a merged idea: Must be possible to trade whith players!  ·   · 
Owner LahOwner Lah shared a merged idea: Add player trading /trade "name" and in nav wheel and separated trade chat  ·   · 
GoatKingBobGoatKingBob shared a merged idea: It needs a proper player-to-player system badly.  ·   · 
OiipOiip shared a merged idea: Make a TRADE person to person!!! it really needs to be in this game!  ·   · 
RilosRilos shared a merged idea: Trade - Player to player  ·   · 
Lionex12Lionex12 shared a merged idea: Give/Send Items/Resources for friend's :)  ·   · 


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  • Number9arkNumber9ark commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    no player to player trading would hurt a already weak game with botting and item selling sites . chats full of spam like diablo 2 of sites selling items .

  • JallJall commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Deberian agregar un sistema de intercambio entre jugadores. e inclusive podrian agregarlo a la web... Me gustaria programarlo yo mismo :C pero veo que manejan Ruby, y yo solo trabajo en PHP :C

  • OANGAMEROANGAMER commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    the Mail System is not a trade system mail not trading we want trading not mail -_-

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There are stock elements to all MMOs and player trading is a big one. With all the technology you think I would know how to hand someone some money or a gun without having to mail it through the Ether.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes... Please add... I posted something on the market and my Army mate didn't even see it on the market. He kept on checking and after a few hours it was later purchased by someone else..

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've got friend into game and have found that we can't trade WTF? Especially considering professions.

    After I've read this thread. Fire man who said that defense against gold sellers should be done at expense of players, he doesn't understand F2P.

  • MAIZIONMAIZION commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Completely agreed. The existance of crafting professions in its self SCREAMS for p2p trading.

    And please... NO MAIL TRADES. The very first thing that comes to mind when I hear this is when I sent a mail with money to someone for trading it for crafted goods, and then getting ripped off for it in another game. Don't do it. Its never going to work. Its just going to be a whole new world of cons, its bad for the community, and will slowly make the game rot.
    I've seen this in alot of promising games, where one person with bad intentions take advantage of the system's flaws, creating a bad flow, where other ppl start thinking its OK to do it, finding other ways to ruin your day, eventually destroying the whole gaming experience. Trust me, IT ONLY TAKES ONE A-HOLE, and a few people watching him in action. I've seen far too many of it. I do not want to see it again in firefall, or any game for that matter.

    Instead, I would strongly suggest a regular p2p trade, where theres a trading window which requires BOTH players to submit, and commit/agree on the transaction, and if one cancels the submitted item, it should cancel for both, so noone can rip you off.

  • avalon1kavalon1k commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Soooo....if you have player trading...you get bots and gold farmers...is it worth it?

  • Lord PotatoLord Potato commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    You have cut off your nose to streamline your bowel movements. That is the most fitting metaphor here. Forcing a player into a specific profession is great for promoting team-play, but without being able to play as a team (by trading), it makes no sense.

    Without the ability to trade with a friend who chose a different profession, the profession update crippled the way this game works. I'm forced to go to the AH, which I've found to be clunky at best so far (does it compare with equipped items? might be my UI mucking up).

    Since the profession change without being able to trade; this game is broken.

  • GhostInShellGhostInShell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    When the hell is this in any form gonna come? me and my friends are stuck and cant progress anymore unless we GRIND for weeks and refine everything (yes even green blue and purple) to crystite just to buy a few items for one of us combined.
    Selling cheap on market is no go with anything at all over quality 100, Bots buy them instantly when they appear on market.

    Fix or forget me for a long time till this is ingame.

  • MiillaaMiillaa commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So p2p trading is via mail? OMG, this is gona be sucky

    please add the option to p2p trade in the open world and not via mail, I dont want to have to macro manage my inbox. God no.

  • ragingqueenragingqueen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This should have come BEFORE the profession system.
    This should have come ALONG WITH the market.

    I wish I could vote 10 times for this.

  • KnucklesDSKnucklesDS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's extremely frustrating trying to trade a material to someone that can make the item (optional components for example) which cost a ton in the market place but when your pal in game only has so many credits (say 20k) and the component costs 200k in the market there's a good chance that someone is going to grab the item if they're in the right place at the right time. I've lost two items that either I tried to trade or someone tried to trade me using the market.

    When you can only make abilities (for instance) but you have mats for a pal to make you a weapon why would you not allow the person to trade those mats? It makes no sense to me... I've played quite a few MMOs and it's nice to see someone trying to break the mode so to say and come up with another way of doing things (which you guys did in a lot of ways which are great and keeps me playing the game) but there's certain things that don't really need to be too thought out and just implemented.

    At least have a army bank or something where army mates can place things into to trade or hold mats for army mates with the right privileges. That wont solve the overall problem with trading to others on the server that are not in your army but at least the army can help people progress in game.

  • DaszDasz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have heard a lot of excuses as to why Firefall doesn't have a peer to peer trading system. Account Security, the prevention of gold sellers. But here is the thing. As long as the game has an auction house (AH) their will be a way for the proverbial gold seller to make in game currency to sell. Their will be professions to make the gear to put their make more crystite for the market. Sorry Red 5, you will never find a way around this. Don't get me wrong, the concerns that they have are very, very valid and I appreciate that very much. But in the 4 plus years that Firefall has been here their isn't a peer to peer trading system. Hiding behind the excuse of account security or the prevention of "gold sellers" is just that, an excuse not to do something. Yes it is Red 5's game they develop it, no I don't have to play the game. But when will R5 realize this is something that their gaming community has been asking for for the longest. Even here they want this. Yeah their are a few people that give their opinions as to why i shouldn't be. But this community wants it. R5 says they read and listen to the gamers. Why haven't you listened to the longest request you have had. Peer to peer trading?

  • DuggeekDuggeek commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I don't believe that a direct-trade system is going to be strictly through a message-packet system like email, but I can see how it creates the framework for making a direct-trade system.

    See, the emails give a controlled medium. The trade would be initiated on-the-spot, with a command or hotkey; maybe even an extension of the current interaction hotkey, "E" (default)

    After initiating a trade, each party puts forth the items for the transaction... yada yada, we all know how that works. Once each player has accepted the trade, the results would be piped through email and accepted as attachments. It's a flip-flop compared to other MMOs, (e.g., SWTOR, Spiral Knights, etc) where they have a direct-trade system that's instantaneous, but a community market that works via messaging.

    From the devs point of view, this would give an additional control over transactions, and probably help them to see trends over time; for the player-base, a certain demographic of players (like armies) or even the history for a single player.

    Using a messaging system as a basis for trade is a smart move, so long as the system is reliable and robust. Otherwise, you just see a prolonged spike in support requests for missing items. I think what we're waiting for --mostly-- is for the email subsystem to be fully developed and ready for trade traffic.

  • SteelPeregrineSteelPeregrine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    . . .so, not to be ungrateful, ok, maybe I am, but a mail system for items should be AFTER trade. How about a /trade <playername> that brings up a barter interface, I put items in one side, other player puts items in the other, and when we're both happy, we agree. If you want it to require people to be in range, say 5m or so, put a range check on the command.

    A mail system, with item shipping, C.O.D. interface, and all that, is a lot of work for a less functional result. Do trading first, mail later if you want.

  • HazgodHazgod commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am on the verge of quitting. Just lost some resources that we worked hard trying to get by trading in this awful excuse for a trading system and some bastard got there before we could. It's ridiculous. It's the worst fucking system to get resources between friends I have ever seen in my life. It would be better if I could just throw some shit on the floor for them to pick up. It would be better even if the market listen showed up straight away. But this is bullshit. I'm a new player. Or, I was a new player. Fuck this game. Email me when there is a trading system because I'm just wasting my time now

  • 7thPawn7thPawn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    People have said that RMT (Gold Sellers type thing) is the reason for no P2P trade. I see the problem of RMT's causing issues with player to player trades, but this is going to be a problem regardless. Unless there is a serious way of hammering at them in a huge and destructive way, they will always be there. Only way to ensure that they don't have a big presence is to make it completely unprofitable for them to operate. This is economics 101. I am sure that Red 5 has some marketing people/number crunchers that can figure out a way of ensuring that they get the profit instead of RMT's. But when the new system came out in terms of progression and crafting, either everyone has to have the ability to craft everything, or realistically there has to be a method of transferring goods to other people to shore up for the fact that people can only craft 1 type of thing. It would be like being a food producer and making a ton of food for people but being told by the federal government that you were not allowed to actually move it to any store. Uhm...

    The launch of the new system is an abysmal failure for that one fact. There are others, but that is one of the big eye openers. My buddy can only do abilities, so I crafted some items for him and I couldn't even set it up on the market for him to go get fast before people realized it was on the market. I created two sets of the items, put them on the market, and the items were eaten by the market. Sure the market must get hungry like everyone else is, but the failure to create and distribute goods and services is a massive failure in a society. Since the game is trying to simulate/stimulate an economy and a society, it is an even bigger failure to not only not provide a method of distributing goods and services, but also making the market destroy the goods and services being provided. There has to be a trade system in place for the simple fact of common sense.

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