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Be able to recall/desummon Bastion Deployables

I want to suggest the ability to recall deployables. The reason for this is due to the new decay affecting multiple weapon / armor and abilities.

Any other frame if they do not want to engage in combat they can run away or glider / LGV. Now as an Engineer ( Bastion ) once you place a Heavy Turret or Multi Turret, in fact this is for anything like supply station, sentinel pods or even charged pulse generators.
It will stay in combat until it is destroyed or you die or you log out.

Now you say well what is wrong with just running away, well your turret will still be active and continue to be in combat, etc and We should have the ability to recall / desummon the turret.

Suggestion : Use the same ability just instead of using the cursor to position the deployable have the chance to recall ( after cool down ) of the said deployable by pointing cursor over the item and recalling it. Simple solution. Means, when I finish thumping I can recall my turrets and go exploring somewhere else and not getting decay hits on idle turrets which I cannot recall.

I also do not have to relog to desummon everything, which incidently puts me back at the nearest Watch Tower or POI which is considerable distance from where I was when I logged out.

Feedback and Constructive ideas appreciated.

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  • PharminPharmin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This should have been an option from day 1. My reasons for this are more selfish though. I simply don't want people training mobs to my turrets. That, and if I am thumping and a mission spawns on top of me. I want to be able to pull all my turrets at once as well as the thumper and move away from the area.

  • NecryelNecryel commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would also suggest a "Range limitation". If they are unwilling/unable to allow despawning on demand for engineer class deployables, then how about causing an automatic despawning if th Engineer goes too far from said deployables? 100-200 meters and your toys despawn.

  • Oskar581Oskar581 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @ChristOneJazz that would work except they can be "stuck" in hard to reach spots. I would suggest an interface that would track deployables and you could unlock the mouse to click on them to unsummon them

  • ChristOneJazzChristOneJazz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is agreeable enough. I do have one comment however. Engi's really shouldn't be allowed to go around just dropping deployables and quest tapping without putting a little effort into said tapped quest. That being said, if an Engineer -could- recall a turret, they would still need to suffer the same cooldown as currently is. How to recall? Quite simple. Walk up to your turret and use your Interact key. Like starting a Crashed LGV quest. ('E' for me). Easy as that, albeit at the same cooldown. There's already a deploy command, and engineers need to think when deploying. One things for sure, the ability to pull turrets would reduce screen-clutter and help my framerates. ^^;;

  • WolfwaysWolfways commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    How about letting turrets have little quad legs and they can slowly follow you around. Little robots are way cooler than turrets :)

    But yes, being able to "recall" your turrets in needed imo.

  • FarBackFarBack commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I refuse to vote for this feature even though it would be useful, because this problem is primarily due the absurdity of how durability works in this game.

    Durability shouldn't be implemented in a way that makes players desperately want to avoid "unprofitable" combat.

  • KnucklesDSKnucklesDS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just to add to this discussion... I had a buddy of mine craft me a heavy turret and multi turret about a week and a half ago. At the same time I bought and crafted some gear for my rhino. After a week my turrets (both) were already in need to be replaced while my rhinos gear was barely into the repair pool. I did die a few times on my bastion but still, the turrets were useless way to fast IMO and it's because of what the OP stated.

    Why not just have a option to recall all deployables? Or, like was mentioned not having them decay when you're a certain distance away from them... say 200 meters? At 200 meters you get a warning message warning "Deployables will be recalled in (such and such seconds) if you proceed further"... something on those lines.

    Personally, I would like the option to recall separate turrets by a point and click method. Every once in a while when trying to place a turret on a tree (for example) I'll miss and it will go somewhere I didn't intend and you have to wait for your global cd to run through all your turrets to get to the one you want to replace. But, saying that I would still like the option to recall all turrets in one click to move on to another location.

  • checolchecol commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    they should just remove durability being consumed by being in combat. If the turrets are that fragile then why are they being used in the field? If you were in an army and knew that your gun would break after 20 clips would you use it, or get a better one? Either way if you want to just have a despawn it should be a skill, or a key that quits all skills that are currently active, no matter the frame. I think that would make it much more feasible so that if they ever introduce a better multi turret frame there would be a way to despawn those turrets without having to reinvent the wheel

  • DuggeekDuggeek commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Adding a despawn ability is something the Engineer archetype has needed for some time now. This isn't just with turrets, but every deployed object.

    Altering the despawn timer isn't really a solution, it just makes the deployables less reliable for long-term tasks. (e.g., multiple thumps, guarding an area, but it could also discourage farming)

    Also, the fact that despawn isn't currently possible also introduces player-to-player exploits. We're not talking trolling here, but calling a thumper when you see a lonely turret in the middle of nowhere is kind of a 'meal ticket' for some players. It's not horrible, but it's there.

    Activating the same ability while it is deployed could un-summon the item, but this also introduces potential confusion. Speaking for myself, I know there are moments that I accidentally spam the ability, so would that summon and then immediately un-summon the deployable? I don't think that's a feasible plan.

    The real challenge is with Multi Turrets, where multiple activations is necessary for deploying the full set. Normally a modifier key would work here, when it isn't already bound to a real-time command. (Ctrl and Shift are bound to character movement currently) The only viable option is the Alt key, which appears to only be used to summon the dev console. As for which multi-turret to despawn, I would use a FIFO model; the first turret (or oldest, when the set has been cycled-through) should despawn with each command.

    tl;dr -- Yes, despawn command = good. How to do it? Alt + ability hotkey = despawn. Order for Multi Turrets = oldest first.

  • Grevec_[AOD]Grevec_[AOD] commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think a really simple solution to this problem would just be to increase the despawn rate of the turrets (say, 2 minutes instead of 10?) and decrease the cooldown rate of the skill itself.

    That way we could deploy turrets faster, but would have to remain vigilant to keep them in the online in extended fights.

    Of course, this wouldn't really help if you wanted to immediately despawn stuff (as in the OP's example).

  • CmdrLanceCmdrLance commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Add possibility to also refresh turret timer, when prolonged turret deployment is needed. You would anyway deploy new turret if its needed, so why not just give us ability refresh them.

  • MochaLatteMochaLatte commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would like to be able to recall deployables for reasons other than durability loss. If I have set up a nest and someone else plants a thumper near it when I am about to do the same I am helping them while they take my spot. I do not want to help random strangers. Right now the only way to stop helping them take my spot is to go to a garage and change frames. I don't want to carry mobile battleframe stations just for removing my turrets as they do have a cost associated with them.

  • XawrentokXawrentok commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Apparently it wasn't clear from Op's post:

    Being 'in combat' causes damage to _all_ your gear.

    Engineers are _always in combat_ because any enemy in LOS of their turret will get attacked.
    The result is engineer's gear breaks in half the time (or less).

    Some people might claim the engineer is getting kills and this balances things out.

    Kills aren't Crystite nor are they resources.
    The experience from random kills is 100x less than quest rewards.
    Kills literally do not matter.

  • SegarSegar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is something that is Mandatorily needed, I think probably a better way to despawn all turrets
    is by holding down the Hotkey button that was used to summon them.
    the hold down should be for at least 2 seconds before the deployable is despawned.

  • rebelyellrebelyell commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree, since I tried months ago to get deployables to be able to undeploy. and that was when the dura hit on deploying was extremely low. all said, they removed that you take any dura hit when deployed but then added it back in, sneaky style to get ready for this turned up version of dura decay. it didn't get enough votes then but now its necessary to have ingame period without a question.

    I suggested a simple undeploying method like pressing and holding the deployed button to undeploy If they can do that, im sure something along those lines would work.

  • UdjatUdjat commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sometimes turret placement isn't clear, and they end up somewhere that I didn't want them, like right on top of a crashed thumper piece when I hit the wrong button, facing the wrong way, buried inside a rock upside down(?). There currently is no way to move/remove a turret except to move all of them while waiting for the timer. If moving seems too much, at least let me remove a selected turret.

  • chippetychapschippetychaps commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The current system is nice, else it would almost be too easy to relocate. Requires more initial thought in placement if you have to wait 30secs for each turret to be ready to teleport again

  • TaargetTaarget commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I love this idea its one i am missing so much after playing Borderlands, it just seems the right thing to do most stuff in the army you can do this with in real life so why not mirror this in your game.

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