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Increase squad size

Make new type of squad.

Normal squad leavi it as it is up to 5 people.

Army squad: From 6 to 9 (number may change) people.
To make "Army squad" you need to be in army and people in your squad MUST be from your army(since army cap is now 100 people). Also SQUAD leader MUST have specific rank in Army. And he needs to have additional "item" to make this squad (something like Squad Radio, which would be craftable for 15k Crystite and/or resources).

Army Squad should be able to use (for example) BIGGER thumper (Squad Thumper IV).

Possibility to connect up to 3 (number may change) ARMY SQUADS into LARGE group for NEW (harder) instances, which requires more people to participate. And also to land Army Thumper (Squad Thumper V) which reward would be split up to 27 people.

So yeah, basically it is, I hope I made myself clear :)

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  • wolvernwolvern commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    yes... so you wish to have raid thumpers.... lvl 4 -5 or hardmode thumpers where chosen spawn entirely for them only?

  • KnucklesDSKnucklesDS commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As our army expands we are starting to run into problems with group activities... It's not really a big issue because of the army player icons being distinguishable on a map and also having a VC client where we all can communicate but... It would be nice to have a unlimited or high number army group system because getting people to the same shard is somewhat a pain having to move players to other groups so the rest can /joinleader. Like I said the work around isn't that big of a deal just an inconvenience.

  • SubtraSubtra commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The Idea is great the details not really. I think Firefall should adapt the Squad/Platoon Working from Planetside 2, its interesting, you can form up a Squad with up to 12 People. A Platoon are 4 Squad Alpha Beta Charlie Delta, up to incredible 48 People with one Platoon Leader and 4 Squad Leaders. It should be mixable with Army but you should sort it out if you want it open, Private or Army Only.

    Now we got Squad Thumpers, but what about Army Thumper or even Platoon Thumper (The size of that thing would pure Horror and you would need the Platoon to defend it from all sides).

    Its just an idea of mine i need to mention.

  • KiithnarasKiithnaras commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Concept: Great. Details: Meh.

    5-man squad should be the default maximum. However, in the upcoming Army Tech research system there should be something like Platoon research, where members of that army could lead multiple squads, up to 5 squads in total, in a platoon, for a total of 25 members.

    Details on who could join the platoon or what the composition of the platoon in terms of army membership is up in the air. Maybe make it so that at least half of the platoon has to be members of the army that created it, and only members of the leading army can be squad leader.

  • MrPhixitMrPhixit commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Im in agreement with this idea. However, I say just increase the default size to 8 with no special requirements.

  • KamehoKameho commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    agree squad size need increase.

    But also need to controll it in a fashion it wont be abused (farming wise).
    Since squads greatly benefit from large thumpers and all get same amount of resources than those outside squad.

    However, you could organise several squads into one platoon. The buffs and so forth are shared within the platoon but the rewards are still squad based, and other squads will get same or slightly more reward like the randoms who jumps inn and helps out.

  • JGSantiagoJGSantiago commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    One big hang up for me on a lot of games now is the inability to form groups over 5. Normally game with like 6-7 people so we always end up with an odd man out.

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