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Craft and trade components instead of finished products

This idea is a major change to item creation and professions.

The goal is to simultaneously realize the goal of customizable gear, a vibrant economy, and professions that matter.

Currently any particular equippable has 4 'tech' levels, and each has multiple components. Each component has a quality ranging from 0-1000.

Even if we simplify quality into 5 levels we end up with 25 variations for just 'Tech I' equipment.
A single Tech IV Assault Rifle would have thousands of different variations.
A market of premade goods cannot provide this level of customization.

Because the 'profession' system requires players to rely on the market - the goal of customized equipment loadouts will not be acheived.

I propose altering crafting and trading to focus on the modules instead of completed equipment.

In this system a crafter would craft modules, which anyone could assemble instantly on demand in the garage.
A further enhancement could allow the weapon to be disassembled - but this would require 'damage' tracking at the module level.

A person looking to build a Tech IV weapon would aquire and combine 5 modules. A market of only 25 items could provide every combination.

Professions could be used to limit or enhance the modules the crafter could create.
Instead of a set of complete products, a profession could either be a set of modules (weapon mods / ability mods) or a quality level (q125 weapon modules, q500 ability modules).

- The number of items needed in the market to allow customization would be dozens per equipment type rather than thousands.
- A buyer would have a much easier time finding what they want.
- A producer would have a much easier time deciding what to make.
- Both would have a clearer idea of the value of those items.

Further Enhancement:
A more involved profession system could be a skill tree of unlocks and bonuses.
It could provide new players the flexibility to make any low level items for all the frames we want them to try out with just a few points.
It would also allow high level players to specialize - not just in 'weapons' but in 'TigerClaw weapons' or 'Plasma weapons' or 'Omnidyne weapons'.

Early skill points grant a wide array of low quality modules within that tree while deeper investment allows the crafter to produce particular items at exceptional quality.

'Weapons q65' might unlock both 'Primary Weapons q125' and 'Secondary Weapons q125', which in turn unlock 'Plasma Weapons q250' ... etc.

Other nodes could decrease resource / crystite / time costs, or provide a very specific bonus - like 10% improved run speed /damage / cooldown ... etc.

Points to allocate in that tree could be earned by leveling frames, wearing out /repairing equipment, producing equipment, etc.

Instead of 'grandfathering' existing players based with an all or nothing scheme, this system could grant them some bonus skill points.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • XawrentokXawrentok commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The current crafting UI actually does allow you to use items from your inventory - it just doesn't integrate the market.

    I wanted to suggest the garage for assembling equipment because I needed to emphasize that assembling an item from components should be instant and require no specialization or research.
    Otherwise buyers / sellers would be right where they are today, and that just isn't viable.

  • ErmetuErmetu commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The further enhancement section needs to be cut off and put into it's own suggestion.

    This. Take out the further enhancement section, and get this going now. There is just way too much customization required for the market to sustain. I find it difficult to just find bog standard crafted stuff of adequate quality levels. If you don't happen to need exactly 125, 250, 500 quality stuff, you are pretty much SOL. I think gathering the components you want, including the optional components you need is a much more elegant solution to the current way gear is built.

    I don't think the items should be changeable once they are created, so the idea of tying to the garage is not a great one, but if it was tied to the crafting UI, so you can choose items from your inventory, or items from the market as your building the item, that would be great to see.

  • KihraxzKihraxz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am all for the principle of making components the focus for crafters, and them being the main point of interaction between crafter and user. It bypasses the need for complex buy order mechanics and it would allow for more complex crafting gameplay without affecting a non crafters ability to make kit to fit their own needs.

    Nanoprints for the final combine could also contain a link to the marketplace for every component, so that it would be easy to find the right comp and possible to preview how any purchase would affect the item before buying.

  • XawrentokXawrentok commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Items would merely be groups of components - so all you'd need for the market is a pop-up from the garage.


    You pick Shotgun I - a properties window pops up.
    You drag the range sliders for your energy / mass / cpu allowances.
    These default to your frame's current available amounts.
    You drag range sliders for each variable property - minimum and maximum damage, magazine... etc.
    then you press search.

    A list of possible shotguns is constructed from the potential components in your inventory and the market.
    The list would have sortable columns for all the variable properties, and cost.
    Cost would simply be the the total cost of items necessary to complete that construction, so if you already have the components it might be zero.
    Hovering over a line would show your existing equipment for comparison.

    Selecting a line and pressing 'confirm' would purchase whatever is needed from the market and construct the item, and it would immediately show up in your equipment list.

    This way you do not even have to know what components are required or whether they are reasonably priced - you see the bottom line.

  • dreamer_n_kansasdreamer_n_kansas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would absolutely love this...IF it were tied to the market place. For instance, when I go to craft, if I don't have said item, said resources or said skills to make what I want, "place order on market" would be an option. I'm not an uber player and not interested in spread sheets and notebooks of "stuff I need to order so I can build a weapon that will actually kill someone".

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