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Belly of the Beast.

I've been looking at the wreckage of the Arclight wishing there was something going on out there and then it came to me, randomized instance.

The concept is a series of halls, rooms, vertical spaces and such that can be randomly combined together to create a group instance where the goals, threats and map are never the same.

Threat - Bandits / Aranah / Chosen / Melded Creepy Crawlies / Environmental

Goal - Prevent Theft / Prevent Destruction / Salvage Tech / Bug Hunt

Hazards - Hazardous Materials (things that go boom!) / Gauntlets (hack the hatch while fending off ???) / Flooding / etc

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  • KrinlyKrinly commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Last time I tried to get to the Arclight, I was killed when I got close.
    I was approaching it from the west, flying (pretty-much) due-east, but then took massive damage (similar to being deep in the melding), so I was dead in under 2 seconds (for no obvious reason).
    Tried it a couple of times, just to check the 1st wasn't a fluke, but it seemed to be repeatable (and hence expensive).

    I suspect that R5 don't want people sightseeing anymore, or figure that killing players is easier than putting proper hitboxes on the Arclight to stop us flying through it...

  • Ricardo5802Ricardo5802 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also want to get inside the Arclight, but no instance please, unless you can solo it / possible to enter alone.

    I don't want to be forced to enter only with a party and then be forced to speed run the whole thing... I want to be able to take as much time as I want to be in there and "take in" the feeling and be able to explore every cranny, nook and corner of it.

  • SteelPeregrineSteelPeregrine commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Especially since they nixed user-made content for now, this is a great idea for implementing some expanding content. And, since they closed that idea, I have votes to spare for this one!

    An idea to add detail to the OP:

    Scaleable: Want more high-tier content or a place to hunt for high-tier drops that won't be repetitive? Allow individuals and group leaders queing for the instances to select the difficulty tier. I'd make it a 1-6 scale though, 1: stock or T1 gear even enemies challenge to the players going in, 2: T1-2 gear and slightly increased number of enemies, 3: T2-3 gear and slightly increased enemy to player ratio, 4: T3-4 gear and enemy to player ratio greatly favors enemies and enemies are stronger, 5: 'kill me now' for high end T4 players with high skill, heavily outnumbering enemy to player ratio, increased enemy strength, extended objectives, nasty surprises.

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