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Nerf Mammoth/Dreadnaughts before releasing outworld PVP...

Well, you claim that Mammoth is super-tanky and because of that he is less agile than other frames. Thats just a huge lie. I keep meeting Mammoths with 3s cooldown on Teleport Shot(TH buff), which makes them mobile as hell compared to many other frames, maybe except Assaults. Also, Mammoth with almost 9,000 HP and the self-healing perk is basically unkillable or it takes ages and whole squad of people. Also, why the hell should "tank" deal so much damage, doesnt make any sense to me. What makes sense is "the tankier the frame is, the less agile it is and the less damage it deals", sounds LOGIC right? So my suggestions for Mammoth are:
1)Remove the Teleport shot completely if he's supposed to be a "tank" as you call it
2)Make Mammoth unable to equip Heavy MG from stock dreadnaught.
3)Add a cap for how much can the self-healing perk heal after he uses an ability, I'd suggest like max 500HP. Healing myself for 500HP every 10 sec while not being medic sounds good enough to me.

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  • PhantomShadowPhantomShadow commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Your forgetting that each frame is designed for a "purpose" it's completely fair. The "tanky" frames can take more damage but their weapons are way less accurate than the less tanky frames like the nighthawk which has scary accurate weapons. I have a nighthawk and I have a mamoth although I do agree they should add more custimizations available for people that would like a "tanky" sniper frame by sacrificing weapon range or somthing like that to make it all balance out.

  • MrPhixitMrPhixit commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The solution to the Mammoth problem is the Rhino. They will beat Mammoths 6/10. The I agree with the 9000HP thing. That's way too high.

  • AceAccessAceAccess commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    my suggestion, OWPvP has custom gear , you can craft them or they can have unlimited durability ( I don't care which one it is ) if its the former they will have the same stats no matter what quality you use

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