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Broken things about Recons

1)Let's admit that Raptor is messed up completely. Maxed Raptor with good Power Field and Charge Rifle can have the buff 100% of the time and it lets him fully charge his shot within the same amount of time that Nighthawk needs to reload. 4k damage every 0.5 second, seriously?? I think Raptor is meant to be more like "support/debuffzor/fast firing recon" so make him deal e.g.10-50% of Nighthawks damage(depending on charge) since he is semi-auto and can hit targets in PVP much more easily. Well and nerf his HKM, totally, at least for PVP or hes just gonna clear the whole map of enemies within seconds.

2)Remove the perk visual effects in stealth(Harden, Predator or other perks) that give away Recon's position when he uses Decoy or Smoke Screen. It renders his stealth abilities a bit useless in PVP.

3)Proximity Response - the movement reduction debuff it should give sounds nice, BUT...it gives the debuff to the enemy right after he gets hit by this ability and the debuff goes away before the enemy even lands after hes thrown away in the air. Make it like "delayed debuff", lets say I hit someone with the Prox.Response, blast him away and 2 seconds after that he gets the movement reduction debuff that lasts like 3 seconds or so, that would be actually useful. OOOR replace the movement debuff with EMP PULSE(Arsenal-like) that drains enemy's energy and disables his energy regen for 2-3 seconds, that would be maybe even better.

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  • veryvhomaveryvhoma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    yes, i agree with you but Nh is good very good from far distance raptor otherwise has good dmg and can deal good damage from distance. So they might change raptor lil bit because it makes them OP

  • MithralsMithrals commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think Raptors are better suited for mid range combat with powerfield ,its a team buff afterall so you dont want to be standing in the back. halve the amount of zoom with the charge rifle aswell lowering the dmg the damage with about 30-40%.

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